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Tracy Pierce, PhD Candidate | Founder, President

 Semper Fi

​Tracy is a PhD candidate specializing in Human Services. She holds a M.A. in Political Science and a B.S. in Political Science. Tracy has taught public school and continues to teach at Navarro College. She is a Marine veteran that served in Afghanistan. Tracy was diagnosed with Autism in 2015 and has a son who was diagnosed with Autism in 2014. Her experiences of going through life on the spectrum and being a mother to a son on the spectrum inspired her to form the Edward Pierce Center in 2016. 

Olivia Staats | Vice President


Olivia wears many professional hats, but chiefly adores her role as the Vice President of EPCA. After earning her undergraduate degree from the University of Texas at Arlington and entering the world of education, her heart began to beat wildly for under-served populations. She continued her education and earned a Master’s degree in Educational Leadership with the understanding that in order to bring about true equity and change for these populations she would need to take advantage of a graduate degree and acquire the proper qualifications, knowledge, and skill sets. Presently, she pursues a doctoral degree in educational leadership from Tarleton State University to actively increase knowledge and skills to better advocate for such populations.

Jennah Stiffler, M.S | Director of Behavior Support


​Board Certified Behavior Analyst


Jennah holds a M.S degree and is a Board Certified Behavior Analyst with seven years experience. She is a mother of two and really understands the dynamic of a working parent. This helps her create programs that are realistic for parents to follow through with. Jennah understands what it is like to raise a child and so she makes additional efforts to advocate for and support the parents as they request accommodations with schools, seek services and manage life as a parent. 

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