Applied Behaviorial  Analysis Therapy 

1:1 Appointments with a Board Certifed Behavior Analyst will write a individualized program based on your childs needs

K-12 Academic Instruction

Instructor is trained in Autism, ABA and SAMA trained, Curriculum is Customized, 1:1 attention, self paced, self motivated and in sync with the childs therapy programs

After School Care/ Tutoring

EPCA offers after school child care from times 4pm-7pm. If transportation is needed we can make arrangments. 

Respite Care

EPCA is a proud provider of MHMR for Tarrant County for parents seeking in home respite care. We understand the necessity of parent breaks and also offer support groups. 

Community Supports

At EPCA we believe getting the individuals out in the community is essential, all kids in our ABA, K-12 and or MHMR plans will be provided opportunities to go out in to the community. We strive to assist parents in getting their children able to cope in the community and understand skills necessary for safety and independent living. 


Need help getting your child to and from various therapies and centers, or just to EPCA? We can help! 

Parent Training

EPCA can provide parents with adult and pediatric CPR/FIRST AID/AED, SAMA and Autism Training to include ABA courses and training on support opportunities through the community. 

Child Care 

Want to include your child on a vacation but are perhaps a little afraid, EPCA encourages inclusion and can assist with a provider tag along to help the child. Overnight, emergency and other child care needs are also offered, we know that its not easy to find someone that is equipped with dealing with your child's uniqueness. Let us help. 

EPCA currently accepts TriCare and MHMR and  we are in the process of accepting Blue Cross Blue Shield Shortly.